By means of double embossing tools sheet metal of various thickness can be furnished with relieved or depressed figures. Forming is obtained by matching upper-/lower stamps.
We deliver automatically indexing mechanisms firmly mounted in column guiding frames in which a compound connection provides the continuous switching of both tools after each stroke. Key embossing mechanisms can be also delivered with such a switching.
Pressing down a key the upper wheel as well as the lower wheel index to the next position. With all these versions delivery is also possible without frame.
It has to be pointed to the fact, however, that this for correct alignment of upper/lower mechanism that has to be performed by the customer can only be recommended if the installation into a press is done properly. An incorrect alignment causes immediate damages during operation. At changing use of press it is not advisable to do so for reasons of costs.
Guiding equipment fur putting in the material can be mounted for the usage of complete plates or strips.

Height of figures: 2.5 - 80mm

Number of digits: 1 - 30 according to the height of figures

Design: as embossing mechanism A 500, T 501, H502, K503, E510.RS506

Special types: Complete equipments with embossing mechanisms, type holders, punch, cutting tool and line-material feed for embossing, punching and cutting of complete plates and strips, resp.

A variant of double embossing is the embossing with a stationary base plate. To this tool belong an embossing mechanism firmly fixed in a column guide frame and a stationary base plate. All relieve engraved figures or letters fit exactly with the depressed engraving of the base plate.
Only the shown kinds signs are available. The advantages of this design are the simple handling, the favorable price and the reduced danger of breakage due to erroneously set upper and lower wheels.

Height of figures: 3.5 - 40mm

Number of digits: 1 - 30 according to the height of figures



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