Hand lever presses of the series HK are suitable for pressing, embossing, riveting and punching. The spindle guiding has been hardened and grinded. An optimum pressure capacity is reached by the long spindle guiding. The table has-slot according to DIN 650.

All presses have a vertical adjustment in order to adjust the strongest point of pressure exactly to the required height. The return of the hand lever ensues via spring tension.


Typ HK 500 HK 800 HK 1500 HK 2500
Druckkraft kp 500 800 1500 2500
Verstellbare Arbeitshöhe mm 45-140 45-230 50-170 55-240
Spindelbohrung mm 10H7 10H7 10H7 10H7
Ausladung mm 63 80 100 100
Tischfläche  100x60 160x108 170x140 185x140
Höhe des Ständers mm 290 410 400 460
Grundfläche  110x160 160x220 170x300 185x300
Gewicht kg 8,7 20,5 32,0 42,0



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