Pneumatic foil embossing presses for universal application.
The use of this press permits embossing into plastics, cardboard, laether, varnished metals and metals coated with plastic. The design was made in modular system. The expansion for various embossing heads, embossing tools, type plate holders is possible. Equipments with manual operation or automatic supply of parts can be installed. Via a dovetail adaptor all embossing heads of our program as well as type holders and block plates can be easily exchanged.

Easy exchange of tools and adaptors.
Great adjusting range of admittance height. High-pressure forces (adjustable).
Electronic temperature control with high precision.
Manifold offers of special-purpose and extra equipment.
Water-resistant construction requiring little maintenance.
Adjustable speed of stroke and embossing pressures.
Heat insulation on adjustable parts.

Single-column presses with adjustable height admittance. According to application with short stroke or long stroke cylinder. Compact foil transport with infinitely variable feed length and variable width of strip. (Feed via stroke or pneumatic). Heating ensues by heavy-duty heating cartridges. The temperatures are sensed by thermo-sensors and maintained on the adjusted temperature by electronically controlled thermostats.

Pneumatik foil feed
Workpiece adaptors
Embossing stamps of brass/steel/silicone
Pneumatic rotary table
Feed units with magazine for loading and unloading
Adjustable proof time
Adjustable speed of stroke
Other special equipment on request



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