Plate embossing applicances for embossing capacity-, inventory- or type plates are a rational alternative against engraving by means of embossing figures or types.
Smaller and medium batches are quickly and cleanly lettered. The embossing appliance has a table infinitely adjustable in horizontal line. On it the plates are safely hold by a simple clamping. The embossing wheel is connected with an embossing stand adjustable in vertical direction. The figure to be embossed is adjusted by hand at the embossing wheel.
A light blow by hand on the protected embossing stamp is sufficient in order to obtain a proper embossing also in steel. An adjustable depth Stop provides for a uniform embossing depth.
No hammer is required!
After every embossing operation pressing down a lever transports the plate forward. This movement is infinitely adjustable; thereby different sizes of letters can be also embossed with correct distance (several embossing wheels).
By rotating a scaled knurled handle the embossing stand is adjusted up to the individual lines of the plate via a rack.
Technical data

Max. marking range: 125 x 160 mm (wider marking ranges on request)

Height of figures: 1,0 - 5,5 mm 

Engraving: 40 characters optionally 

Standard characters: 1234567890..-/ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ



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